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There was a mistake at the company we use to print some of our materials.  This resulted in some jumbled information which will be arriving in many of your mailboxes soon.  We intended to mail our winter 2017 newsletter with our Love Walk pledge form enclosed.  What happened instead is that some of the pages of the pledge form were printed on the newsletter and some of the newsletter information was printed on the pledge form.  We are sorry for the confusion this may cause!

The good news is that if you receive our mailings, you have all the information you need; it’s just not in the order or format we planned.  We are hesitant to waste resources to reprint and mail corrected newsletters. Plus, the Love Walk is coming soon so we don’t want you to have to wait before you begin collecting pledges.  We believe God is up to some exciting things in our ministry and spiritual warfare is heightened because of that.  We also believe that our supporters can see through the potential distraction and confusion to the good news contained within the articles.  You may even notice the content more now than you would have before.
If you would like a correct version of the newsletter, you can find it here.

Please download a correct and printable Love Walk pledge form, use the one you received in the mail even though some newsletter info is on it, or contact us at (859) 278-8469 or and we will mail you a pledge form.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you at the Love Walk on March 18th!
Finally, if you are reading this and wishing you received our newsletters but don’t, sign up here and we would love to include you in our mailing next time.

Thank you for your understanding.