Praise God, the 2016 Love Walk was a great success!  We have received more than $35,000 in sponsorships, donations and pledges of support.  It’s not too late to be a part of this amazing show of love and support to those facing unplanned pregnancies in our community, you can give now at .  The funds raised are critical for our ministry but the event was so much more than a fundraiser. It was a celebration of life!

A Fun-Filled Day

Balloon animals, painted faces, bounce houses and squeals of laughter and delight were music to our ears as the 2016 Love Walk took place at the Anchor Baptist Church on February 27th.   Over 200 people were in attendance, including many children.  As the adults turned in their registration forms, selected t-shirts, took their laps around the gym, visited with one another and had coffee and doughnuts, the children were having a fun-filled morning of their own.

With energy to burn, the bounce house and obstacle course were filled with children bouncing, laughing and racing with their friends and siblings.  Once they had run out of steam, next up was face painting.  Although there was a bit of a wait for the face painting, it was well worth it to get the perfect heart, butterfly or design of their choice carefully painted on their cheek or forehead.

Balloon animals were a returning favorite to the Love Walk this year.  Hearts, frogs, snakes, spiders and dogs were just a few of the choices.  Somehow with the boys, even the very young ones, everything seemed to turn into a sword.  Boys will be boys!

The exuberance and sheer joy exhibited by the children were a clear reminder of why we do what we do at Assurance.  Every child deserves the chance to laugh, play, run, dance and have the opportunity to enjoy life.

We’d like to say a special thanks to all our volunteers, donors, sponsors and walkers at the Love Walk, we hope to see you again next year!

-Donna Kearns, Event Committee Member