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Letter to our Supporters

Dearest supporters: It has been almost four years since I joined the staff at Assurance, and I cannot think of another time I have felt compelled to write you this way.  I love the opportunities to share client stories, statistics about our services and results, and updates on ways you …

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Abortion in your past?

The Lord is always faithful to blow us away with the healing work He does for post-abortive women and men. We will look to start a new ReKnew group soon. If you or someone you know has an abortion in the past, contact us today to start your journey of …

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Baby Bottle Results!

Baby Bottle Blessings results are in! And also late bottles keep coming so the numbers have grown even since our newsletter (that should be arriving in mailboxes any day now) went to print. Follow the link to check out the latest results and join us in praising God!!!! We are …

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Knitted Together: Ministry’s Generational Impact

This past February at the Love Walk, three women whose stories have been intertwined for multiple decades crossed paths once more. Three unique experiences combine into one beautiful story that testifies of the work God has done and continues to do through Assurance. Patty Gilpin continues in active support of …

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Thanks First Southern!

First Southern National Bank has signed on to be our Legacy of Life Sponsor for the 2018 banquet. If you have a chance, please join us in thanking them! We are incredibly blessed to have this bank as our partner in our work and sponsoring the banquet is just...

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