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Why Should You Give?

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God Provides

Jehovah-Jireh. God will provide that which we need. In January, we opened our Board retreat with a devotion by Pastor Bob Brown, an Assurance board member and pastor at Main Street Baptist Church. I soaked in his pastoral wisdom and the blessing of his perspective from God’s word so much …

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Baby Bottle Results

  Thank you to all the churches that encouraged their members to fill bottles from a distance this year! While the collective results are not as high as recent traditional Baby Bottle Blessings campaigns, we are grateful for every single dollar. Our total for the campaign so far is $70,275....

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A Banquet Re-Imagined

While we long to gather as a crowd of many hundreds, we ask instead that this year you join us in our banquet re-imagined.  Host a banquet experience for 10 in your home, or another location of your choosing, sometime between September 26th and October 10th.  Enjoy time with your...

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Service During COVID

SERVICE IN THE TIME OF COVID Rather than a typical client story, it felt important to share with you praises to the God who is The Way through any circumstance, and in doing so, give you a taste of what it has been like to serve in the time …

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