We are so moved by this client who took time to write up her story in her own words to encourage other young moms who are making life and death decisions for their children. Her courage is inspiring. Her love and care for her daughter is beautiful. Will you join us in praising God for her and her daughter and praying for them today?
“My name is “Amanda” and I became a mom at eighteen years old, this is how I learned from my mistakes and am working on a better future for me and my daughter. I met my daughter’s father at a job I had just gotten and I was happy for a while, but sadly this isn’t a fairytale story. Her father became abusive towards me, locking me in the house like I was his property and I left before finding out I was going to have his child. I took my first pregnancy test and I had a decision to make like many mothers from this type of situation. Was I willing to stick through and keep my child or get an abortion? My first thoughts as an eighteen year old single mother was I was terrified her father was going to come after me for her so I was willing to have an abortion. I booked an appointment at Assurance and I saw her for the first time and first heard her heart beat. I am not a religious person in the least bit; however seeing her how tiny she was, I knew it was my job to protect the tiny human I had growing inside my womb at any and all costs. I decided to keep my daughter and do what I had to do to protect her from her father. I found an obgyn and a delivery doctor and at 22 weeks at the time I am writing this my daughter is growing happy and healthy. The moral of my story is no matter what you have or what you have lost, this human is relying on you and you alone to keep them safe from harm and to love and nurture them for as long as they need it. The choice is up to you in the beginning, but even with nothing and no one to have your back you can do it just like I did and am to this day. I came from a small town where we have no cinemas or water parks we are as small as they can get. If I can raise a child with the resources I had before getting pregnant and now from the wonderful staff at Assurance, you can too. Don’t give up on dreams you may never have known you had.”