God Answers Prayers and Reveals Truth

“Susie” came to Assurance in a panic for a pregnancy test.  She kept repeating that she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.  Susie was in a hurry and didn’t stay very long, but she agreed to come back for an ultrasound.

After the ultrasound, Susie said that she was undecided about what she was going to do regarding this pregnancy.  Staff called Susie the next week to see how she was doing and she said she had an abortion scheduled at the end of the week.  We prayed for Susie all week long.  Staff called Susie the afternoon of the day she had the abortion scheduled.  She said she didn’t go through with the abortion and that she remembered our nurse offered to perform another ultrasound for her if she wanted to bring her boyfriend so he could see the ultrasound and hear about their options.  She scheduled a second ultrasound and brought “Shawn” with her.  During the second ultrasound Susie smiled as she saw their baby’s heart beating, but Shawn didn’t.  When the nurse turned on the sound so they could hear their baby’s heart beating, Shawn’s eyes welled up with tears and he smiled.
When our staff met with Susie and Shawn after the ultrasound, they asked him what he thought about hearing their baby’s heart beating.  He admitted that he was thinking about what they almost did to stop this beating heart.  At that point, Susie broke down in tears.  They decided to keep their baby!!

God answers prayers and reveals truth! 
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