Are you the man God is calling to join our team?

  • Fathers deserve our compassionate support and the truth about all options when they are facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Research is clear, the father of the baby is most likely to have the greatest influence on her choice to abort or carry to term.
  • The impact an active and engaged father can have on his children is invaluable and is supported by overwhelming research in almost every area of childhood well-being.

Want to be a part of helping him embrace his role and influence from the moment of conception forward? 

We are hiring a part-time Male Client Services Associate (MCSA).  MCSAs provide counseling services to men of all ages in unplanned pregnancy situations. Check out the job description and application now, and apply to join our team today.

Male Client Services Associate Job Description       MCSA Application

Please submit cover letter, application, resume, and references by January 2, 2019.