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Important Banquet Update

Dear friends: It is with great disappointment that we announce Assurance’s Board of Directors has decided to cancel the in-person portion of our 2021 banquet.  Our Board prayerfully sought the Lord’s will considering numerous factors before coming to an agreement. COVID was certainly among those factors but so were many …

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Don’t forget to return your bottles this Sunday

Remember to take your bottle with you to church this weekend! Many of our supporting churches are concluding their Baby Bottle Blessings campaign.  Return all bottles. Even empty bottles have value to Assurance as we don’t have to purchase a replacement for next year’s campaign.  A “full” bottle could mean …

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We’re hiring in our men’s program!

It’s the week approaching Father’s Day and there are messages all over reminding us of the importance and value of fathers.  Research is clear, children are better in many if not all measures of well-being when their fathers are positively and actively engaged with them.  If you have a passion …

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Fathers feel scared and alone in the crisis too

Most of the time, our clients are in a vulnerable position, in a place they never thought they would be, facing a choice they never thought they would make. They feel alone in that space. I met with a client recently who finds himself in this lonely, vulnerable place.  …

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Happy Mother’s Day

We are big fans of mothers and celebrate them today! We also recognize that in our broken world, Mother’s Day can come with a lot of complicating factors. Maybe you are grieving the loss of your mother or your child. Maybe you are lamenting the impact of a hurtful or...

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