Thank you to everyone who pivoted with us and participated in our online Banquet experience!   So far, $133,020 has been raised!

Though the main timeframe for our online experience is over, it is not too late to participate.  Our guest speaker’s talk is no longer available, but the rest of the content remains for your enjoyment and encouragement.  We pray that you will be inspired by the update on our ministry and to hear from clients about the difference God made in their lives through Assurance!  You can still find that and more at May you be blessed to see the amazing fruit the Lord has brought from your past support of Assurance! If you have not already, prayerfully consider giving towards our goal of raising $165,000 through the banquet.

Special thanks to our volunteer committee which planned an amazing event for you with great determination, passion, and faith.  That we didn’t get to experience it in its fullest sense does not diminish the excellence of their work.  Thank you, Anna Hogan, Committee Chair, Laura Avent, Keshonia Baker, Donna Kearns, and Tanya Layne.

We would like to express our deep appreciation for our presenting sponsor, First Southern National Bank, and the rest of our sponsors who not only stepped up to support Assurance through the banquet, but also remained steadfast in that support even through the change from in-person to online.  Join us in appreciating these businesses, churches, families, and individuals. Whenever possible, we encourage you to do business with those who support causes that matter to you.