A Celebration of Life

Thank you to all who supported Assurance through our 2019 banquet.  We are particularly grateful for our sponsors, led by Legacy of Life Sponsor, First Southern National Bank!

The most exciting update from the event was that in 2018, we estimate God used Assurance to save 145 lives from abortion, and so far this year, 96 more have been saved.  The parents of all those children were spared the trauma of abortion.  Already this year, through 80 post-abortive visits, we have cared for triple the number of women and men struggling from past abortions compared to last year.

We honored Larry Clevinger with the Wayne B. Smith Power of One Award and celebrated that our total lives saved count since our founding has grown to 4,537!  It is important to remember that behind all the encouraging numbers are story after story of real people whose lives have been forever changed.  I want you to hear from Heather, KimMikayla, Ann, Deborahand Eric, about how God used your investments in Assurance to change their lives.  You can follow this link to watch the video we debuted at the banquet.

Our guest speaker, Roland Warren, inspired and challenged us with his vision of a pro-abundant life movement.  He shared a moving description of the role of pregnancy centers doing the life-saving work Assurance is called to, but then charged us with the conviction that the body of Christ in our community cannot simply support what Assurance does and stop there.  We must connect those saved, helped, and converted at our clinic to the church, for the transformational discipleship and care that leads to abundant life.  The church, and Assurance as a para-church ministry, must say to those facing unplanned pregnancies, “Come as you are but don’t stay as you came.”  Stay tuned and join with us in prayer that God would reveal to us the next steps we can take together to fully embrace the pro-abundant life charge.

Currently we have raised $171,685 through the banquet to support the life-saving work of Assurance! Thank you to all who gave. If you did not get a chance to give yet, will you join those there that evening and add your support today? You can click here to download the same form guests at the banquet used and return it via email to janet@assurancecare.org, or mail to: Assurance, 1517 Nicholasville Rd. Suite 405, Lexington, KY 40503.  You can also give online.  Please call 859-278-8469 with any questions about your giving options.