Filling a bottle this year will be special for these grandparents.

Months ago, a young pregnant mother came to Assurance for help.  She was feeling overwhelmed, scared, and also had an appointment at an abortion clinic.  After receiving emotional support and accurate information on abortion, parenting and adoption, she left Assurance planning to carry but torn between parenting and adoption.  We prayed that the Lord would show her which plan was the right choice for her baby.
Through follow-up contacts, she shared that she still was planning to carry to term but that she was experiencing intense pressure to abort from the father of the baby and his parents.  We continued in prayer that God would give her wisdom and courage to stand against the pressure to abort.
As we kept in contact with her, she shared that her parents were supporting her to choose life for her baby but she wanted to know if she could come back with them so that they too could hear the information about resources available to her if she chose to parent and also about the types of adoption options available and agencies that could help her if she chose to make an adoption plan.
Recently, she and her parents came to the clinic and our specialists walked all three of them through the information answering her parents’ questions.  The client’s parents attend one of our supporting churches, and as they left, the baby’s grandmother said, We fill a baby bottle every year.  I never thought I would be filling it to save my own grandbaby.  This year, filling the bottle will be even more special.”
Many of our supporting churches are kicking-off their Baby Bottle Blessings campaigns this Sunday.  Will you join us in our continuing prayers for this client who, now more than half way through her pregnancy, is still being pushed to abort by the father of the baby? And will you pick up a bottle (or 2 or 3) at church this Sunday?  If your church doesn’t participate in the Baby Bottle Blessings campaign, will you ask them to join the effort?
Assurance relies on the generosity that flows through those bottles to continue our life-saving work.  You never know who of your family’s, friend’s, or neighbor’s children will be saved by the coins, cash, and checks you put in that bottle this year.