2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of our fatherhood program.  For a full decade now, male volunteers and staff have been available in ever-increasing hours in our clinic to meet directly, man-to-man with the fathers of the babies that come with the women to their appointments.  This is a critical part of our efforts to provide life-saving and changing support to the families we serve.  Roland Warren, President & CEO of Care Net, says it this way, “God designed the family with a specific role for fathers.  When fathers play this role, women and children benefit.”  In 2009, we served 51 fathers directly. Last year our program had grown to serve 216 men.  This year we are on track to serve even more men during the decision-making time of the unplanned pregnancy.  Every time we have invested in fatherhood, the Lord has been faithful to bring increase.  We praise Him for the difference made through this program.

On two different occasions this past year, we even had male clients facing an unplanned pregnancy come to us for support without the mother of their child. In each instance, the expectant father was wanting an abortion because of a toxic relationship with the pregnant mother.  Our staff provided excellent and wise counsel to these fathers who indicated, in particular, they felt heard and supported throughout the process.  After receiving information and help through Assurance, both fathers decided they would work instead to be good fathers to their child even with the strains on their relationship with the child’s mother, rather than continue to push for an abortion.

There have been multiple examples over the last year where the support provided to fathers through Assurance was instrumental in saving the life of their child, embracing the opportunity to be an active and supportive dad, and in some instances, forming or restoring relationships with their child’s mother. One that comes to mind was a married couple that came to us for help.  The mother was experiencing great turmoil, and our Male Client Advocate was able to provide critical support and encouragement to the husband/father.  Our staff equipped him for his role as husband to his wife in the midst of great challenges and as father to his child.  Since then, we have seen him leading his family in a process of restoring their marriage, returning to church, and parenting their child. 

This Fathers’ Day, we are grateful for your support which enables us to encourage and equip men to embrace their role and influence as fathers from the moment of conception forward.  Thank you!