Are you looking for a way to engage with Assurance as a volunteer? Due to the precautions we are taking related to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our staff and clients, we are often not able to offer the typical in-person volunteer opportunities that we normally have and rely on. However, we still have many opportunities for volunteers to be involved! Please see ideas below, and contact to ask questions or get started on one of the suggestions you see!

  1. Painting. There are multiple spaces in our clinic that need fresh paint. For the safety of all those involved as we follow COVID guidelines, we are looking for family/household units to adopt a space rather than forming a group of members from different households. Painting would need to be done on the weekend (ideally Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning so that the fumes would be aired out before the clinic reopens on Monday morning).
  2. Remodeling. Are you handy and able to tackle small remodeling projects? We have some office renovation needs, and we would love to talk to you to see if your skills match some of the upcoming renovation projects.
  3. Virtual Baby Shower. Consider hosting a virtual baby shower to collect items for our Baby Boutique which provides material items for the clients who have chosen to parent. Items include diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and toiletries. Consider having a “live virtual” shower to include the opportunity for your “guests” to engage with the mission at Assurance. Assurance could provide informational material about our services that could be sent to your guests.
  4. Interpreters. Are you fluent in a language other than English? Our most frequent interpretation needs are Spanish, Swahili, and Nepalese; however, we would love to have a breadth of language options available should the need arise. The timing for when we need interpreters is unpredictable, but when they are needed, they are typically needed quickly, so it is helpful to have multiple people we can contact in case one person is not immediately available.
  5. Blessing Bags. When clients come to us, sometimes it feels like the hardest day of their lives as they work through the stress of an unexpected pregnancy along with many other hard things going on in their lives. As a way to tangibly love and encourage the women, we like to be able to offer small gifts (i.e., self-care items: lotion, chocolate, nail polish, foot scrub, etc.) along with a note of encouragement. Consider putting together some small gift bags with items that you personally have appreciated as soothing, relaxing, etc. when you have encountered stressful times in your life.
  6. Ease their Discomfort bags. You would be amazed at how something that seems so small, such as offering a cold ginger ale and some crackers, can make such a big impact to a woman who is scared, stressed, and on top of that, dealing with intense morning sickness. Consider putting together a bag of “anti-nausea items” such as saltine crackers, hyperemesis bags, ginger ale, ginger chews, and peppermints.
  7. Prayer. We rely heavily on prayer in our office to continue the ministry God has called us to here. We are blessed to know there are many interceding on behalf of our clients and our staff.
  8. Staff Encouragement. Consider sending a note of prayer and encouragement to staff members as they continue to minister to the women and men in our community.