Lives are saved and changed every day at Assurance! 

But we desire to reach more people and save more lives.

“…Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me…” 1 Chronicles 4:10

We have prayed for the Lord to expand our reach within the central Kentucky region and now we are taking action!  Will you join us?

On April 18th, in honor of KY Gives Day, we are challenging our supporters to give a one-time gift, above their normal giving, in support of new services and towards improvements in our clinic space.  We are thrilled to share that a supporting family is offering a dollar-for-dollar match up to $5,000 on KY Gives Day. 

Your investment will be doubled!!!  Give now through our KY Gives Day page!

This month, Assurance is adding testing and treatment for some sexually transmitted infections (STI) for our pregnant clients considering an abortion.

Why is STI testing necessary for the mission of Assurance?

  • It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our genuine care, concern and commitment to the woman’s health.Having an abortion while infected increases the risks to the mother’s health.
  • It gives us more opportunities to meet with and serve her during the critical decision-making timeof her pregnancy.
  • It will help us prevent more abortions therefore saving more lives and sparing more parents from the trauma of abortion.

As we expand this service in the future, testing will also give Assurance a chance to meet with other young people who are engaged in risky sexual behaviors.  Young people, ages 15-20 years, make up only 17% of the sexually active population but carrying 50% of the 20 million new infections each year!  With an opportunity to share our message of abstinence, we will prevent more infections AND unplanned pregnancies.

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

We have been called to be a life-affirming voice with TRUE messages of sexual integrity, health, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Your contribution supports the services that bring men and women through our doors so that they may receive the truth of Jesus Christ and experience abundant LIFE.

Assurance also continues to be committed to excellence in our existing services including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and accurate information on all options for pregnancy within our health clinic.  Excellent services includes having the BEST SPACE possible for our clients.

“For someone facing the most challenging moment in her life, this first impression could literally make a life-saving difference.” Kirk Walden

Which brings us to the second reason why your KY Gives Day investment is so important.

We have a goal to create an atmosphere that is professional, warm, and welcoming, as well as reducing stress to help our clients face their crisis.  The design of our client meeting rooms and other spaces can impact a heart, and possibly save a life.

For just one example of simple but powerful improvement in physical space, one of our partners recently tested the impact of wall color in client meeting rooms and found a 20% difference in life decisions with a change in wall color.  So, we plan to paint our spaces in that same calming color and make other updates in our client meeting rooms.  Another needed renovation is to convert a space in our clinic into a medical station to serve as our lab for STI testing.

Give on April 18th to support these expansions and improvements.  Remember, every dollar helps expand our reach and is DOUBLED when you give on April 18th through this link


Thank you for your investment in our ministry!  May the Lord bless you and those whose lives will be changed through your generosity.