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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Full-time or part-time Nurse.  Are you a RN or Nurse Practitioner with a passion for Jesus, heart for others, and commitment to the sanctity of life?  We have an unparalleled opportunity for you!  We are hiring for full-time or part-time nurse position.  Prayerfully consider applying today.  Join us for a front row seat to the miraculous work God does in the lives of our clients. Be the hands and feet of Jesus to mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies.  Provide the medical services that God will use to save lives and change families forever.   You will not find more eternally rewarding work.  Full-time Nurse openings at Assurance are a rare opportunity with only two others in the twenty years we have been providing onsite ultrasound.

Nurse Job Description                                                                Nurse Application

New, part-time Continuum of Care position.  As the Continuum of Care Coordinator you will help develop and launch this new initiative.  You will be responsible for developing relationships with churches, community resources, and social service agencies and making them available to the clients at Assurance.  You will be a vital staff member listening to and communicating with women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancies to understand their challenges and connect them with these resources.

Continuum of Care Job Description                                          Continuum of Care Application


Student Internships

Students from the University of Kentucky, Asbury University, Asbury Theological Seminary and other colleges have found Assurance to be one of the very best practicum experiences they have ever had.  Students wanting to inquire about our intern programs should call our office or click on the Volunteer tab on this website to find out more and/or fill out the volunteer application.