What does a typical volunteer do when he/she serves at Assurance?
There are several ways to volunteer at Assurance from helping with general office duties to actually meeting with clients. For example, Office Volunteers might put stickers on booklets, make photo copies, put tags in Baby Bottles (that we use for a fundraiser), sort baby clothes for our boutique, etc. Church Liaisons act as the go between for their church to help organize events such as Baby Bottle Blessings and the Love Walk. See our Opportunities page for more information on the various options available.

Are there volunteer opportunities for men at Assurance?
Men have played important roles at Assurance throughout our history.  We have men who serve as Male Client Advocates, ministering to the needs of our male clients. Assurance desires to allow people to use their gifts and talents to serve in various ways regardless of gender and most jobs that need to be done can be handled by males or females. There are a few opportunities where we specifically need men (or very strong women) to help with tasks such as lifting heavy crates of baby bottles when they return filled with coins. We have men and women who volunteer their time to keep our facilities in top operating condition through a variety of maintenance projects.

I work during the day, is Assurance open any evenings or on the weekends?
Assurance is open  Tuesday and Thursday until 8 p.m.  There are various Opportunities for volunteering during these times. We are not open on the weekends or other evenings during the week but we do sometimes have volunteer crews cleaning or doing other projects during hours in which the center is closed.

What if I can’t make it there on the day that I’m scheduled to volunteer?
We are very grace-oriented. If you are unable to fulfill your scheduled volunteer time, please contact our office as soon as possible at 859-278-8469 so that we can fill in around your needs.

We have a group (Sunday School class, Life Group, youth group, etc) looking to volunteer. Can we do a service project for Assurance together?
Assurance does have opportunities throughout the year appropriate for volunteer groups. Please contact our office at 859-278-8469 to let us know how many people you have and when you are looking to serve and we will be glad to help you plan your service project.

Can I bring my children with me when I volunteer?
Because of the sensitive nature of our work, we discourage volunteers from bringing children to the Center during client hours.

If I’ve had an abortion, can I volunteer at Assurance?
Yes, we believe God can use everyone’s experience in amazing ways to minister to our clients. We do ask that all post-abortive volunteers who want to work with our clients participate in ReKnew, our abortion recovery program, first. It is important for you to pursue your own healing process in order to be able to then extend help to others. For more information on ReKnew contact Janet, our ReKnew program leader, at 859-278-8469 or


Can I volunteer to meet with clients?
Our direct work with clients is delicate and skillful work that requires a good fit between your experience, skills, personality and availability and our ministry’s approach with clients.  We do have volunteers who meet with clients and you can check out the opportunities, preferred experience, training needed, and commitment required on our volunteer opportunities page.  But whether you ever meet with our clients face-to-face or not, everything you do for Assurance extends love and compassion to them through our ministry.


Do I have to complete all of the volunteer application forms if I don’t want to meet with clients?

Yes, for almost every volunteer position except work crews who come to complete a task specific service project, we need you to complete the following forms: Volunteer Application and Statement of Faith.  These forms can be found on our Volunteer application page.

On page 4 of the application it asks to list some references, including a pastor. I go to a really big church and my pastor doesn’t know me. What should I do for a pastor reference?
If you were involved in a smaller church in the past (for at least two years) and that pastor knows you, please consider listing this person as your pastor reference. If that is not the case, list a Bible Study leader, Small Group leader, additional friend or co-worker who you have known for at least two years. Please do not list relatives as references.

Do I need to have the people listed for my references complete the Reference Request forms?
Yes. Download a copy of the Reference Request form and email it to each of your references. Please ask them to fax, email or mail their forms to Assurance.