At our banquet this year, Kirk Walden shared a simple but powerful plan for our community.  He challenged us to rebuild the culture of life and the wall of hope by making Assurance the first choice for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies in our region.  Walden casts this vision in his book The Wall. In speaking about pregnancy help centers (PHC) across the country, specifically Assurance in our community, he says this:

“The foundation is in place.  The wall is at half its height.  All we need to do is keep building… Ours is a Wall of protection not only for children, but for mothers and fathers as well.  Inside this Wall, young men and women are finding hope, and also discovering practical ways to meet the challenges they face.

As a result, lives are being saved,  And, many who come in the doors of PHCs across the country are making faith decisions to follow Jesus Christ.  These decisions not only build better families today; they also build legacies of strong families for generations to come.

This Wall of Hope PHCs are creating is vital because we understand that moms and dads don’t go to abortion centers because they see it as a good choice.  In fact, most realize going into the abortion clinic that they will regret their decision.  But they go because they see no other option.

Pregnancy help centers are that option.  And as these centers become the first choice for more and more, the attractiveness of the second choice-abortion-diminishes….  Pregnancy help centers are quietly and consistently building the Wall of Hope.  The foundation is now in place for exponential growth.” Pgs. 55-56


Can Assurance count on you to help make it the first choice in our region?  Give today to rebuild the Wall of Hope and culture of life in our community.