Jehovah-Jireh. God will provide that which we need.

In January, we opened our Board retreat with a devotion by Pastor Bob Brown, an Assurance board
member and pastor at Main Street Baptist Church. I soaked in his pastoral wisdom and the blessing
of his perspective from God’s word so much so that I, uncharacteristically, did not take notes. I
wrote one thing only, “Jehovah-Jireh. God will provide that which we need.”

A few short months later, Assurance found itself in a season unlike any we had ever experienced and
certainly unlike anything we anticipated this year. But God had known all along what this year
held for us. At every turn he has given us what we have needed to keep our clinic open. In
this story, you heard how he provided critical supplies just when we needed them most. But it was
not just our ability to provide our normal services that was challenged this year, it was also our
fundraising. We did not see a Baby Bottle Blessings campaign without bottles and a Banquet without
large group gatherings coming. We are excited about ways we have been able to pivot and try new
things and are grateful for every single dollar donated, but it has not been the fundraising year
we had planned. Thankfully, the Lord had his own plans.

Appropriately, it was Nurse Appreciation Day when we received word that a retired nurse and
Assurance supporter had remembered Assurance in her estate plans. We were saddened to learn of her death; she
was a delight. Her support to our ministry over the years was a blessing, and her joy and humility
in giving were an inspiration. It would be some time before we would learn the details of her
gift, but we were already full of gratitude.

At any time, the gift we have now received would have meant many lives would be saved and mothers
and fathers provided critical and caring help. Generations of families will be impacted. But to
receive this incredible donation at a time of such uncertainty offered a measure of financial
security for our mission. It was a surprise blessing beyond our dreams. In my experience with our
God and this woman, that fits them both well.

Join us in praising God and remembering this generous friend of Assurance with appreciation. You
too can leave a legacy of life. Find out more at
legacy-and-asset-based-gifts/. When this woman made her plans to leave her legacy through
Assurance, she had no way of knowing the timing of our receipt of it and certainly not that it
would be in the middle of a pandemic. She responded to God’s call to give generously and trusted
his timing would be perfect.

Jehovah-Jireh. God will provide that which we need.