Host a banquet experience for 10 in your home, or another location of your choosing, sometime between September 26th and October 10th.  Enjoy time with your guests, walk together through the virtual banquet Assurance will provide, and ask your guests to join you in supporting Assurance. Want to engage people who cannot all gather on the same night at the same place?  This is the year you can! Engage couples/individuals directly and personally rather than as a group if you choose.

Sign up to host a banquet experience by becoming a Life Changer or Catalyst sponsor.
Plan your experience and invite a small group of 10 to gather sometime between Sept. 26th and Oct. 10th and/or plan to engage your guests one-on-one during that time frame instead of gathering.
Assurance will provide you with pre-recorded content and other materials to enjoy with your guests.
Hold your gathering and/or engage your guests personally another way and encourage them to join you in giving to Assurance.
Return your group’s gifts and pledges to Assurance and celebrate with us how God provides for our ministry.