Leave a legacy of eternal significance through this life-saving ministry by remembering Assurance in your will and as a beneficiary of your insurance and retirement plans.  Ensure that we are able to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth about the sacred value of every life with those facing unplanned pregnancies in our community far into the future.

It’s easier than you think!  Here are three steps you can take.

  1. Remember Assurance in your will or trust.

Simply leave a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount through a bequest in your will or trust. Here is some sample language to consider:

“I hereby give and bequeath to Assurance for Life (Fed. Tax ID 31 1118102) 1517 Nicholasville Rd. Suite 405, Lexington, KY 40503 ___percent of my estate (or the sum of $________) to be used in the mission of Assurance for Life where the need is the greatest.”  Or, if you prefer to specify a use for the funds, you can do that too!

  1. Make Assurance a beneficiary of a portion or all of your retirement funds.

Generally this is as easy as contacting your retirement fund administrator to secure a beneficiary designation form.  This option might provide some income tax benefits for those funds.

  1. Include Assurance as a beneficiary of a portion or all of your life insurance policy.

Again, contact your life insurance administrator to learn how to designate a beneficiary for your policy.

“The Christian, above all others, should realize that we come into life with empty hands- and it is with empty hands that we leave it. Actually we can possess nothing—no property and no person—along the way. It is God who owns everything, and we are but stewards of his property during the brief time we are on earth.” – Billy Graham

Re-think your giving and multiply your impact!

If you are like many people, most of your wealth is held in appreciated assets such as stocks, mutual funds, business interests, or real estate.  Multiply your impact by giving through those assets instead of cash and in doing so convert tax dollars into charitable dollars.

Increase your impact through a gift of appreciated stock.

Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Assurance Supporter
Tax Bracket: 40%
Capital Gains: 25%
Goal: Improve efficiency of giving.
Assumes: Cost $10/share, Value $50/share

Cash gift Stock gift
Total Value $1,000 $1,500
Ordinary Tax $400 $600
Capital Gains tax 0 $300
Net Cost of Gift $600 $600

This example is based on a presentation by Bryan Clontz, CFP sponsored by the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

The Power of Giving Before the Sale

This table shows the impact of giving a 20% non-voting interest in a $5M C-corp (with $100,000 cost basis) prior to the sale.

Sell then Give Give then Sell
Capital Gains Tax $1,225,000 $980,000
Income Taxes Saved $336,730 $446,000
Net Taxes Owed $888,270 $534,000
Giving $755,000 $1,000,000

As a result of giving assets vs. giving cash, $245,000 MORE would go to Assurance while increasing net cash flow by $109,270 for more giving, saving or investing!

This example is provided courtesy of the National Christian Foundation.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.  For such advice and assistance in carrying out your intentions for a legacy of life or asset-based gift, please contact your attorney or tax advisor. Please notify Assurance when you have finalized your plan so we can properly recognize the gift.  For more information contact janet@assurancecare.org or (859) 278-8469.