A New Year is a great time to reflect on and hope for what the future will bring.  But for those who have unresolved grief from abortions in their past, it can be hard to move forward.  The abortion has left them with regretshame, and often a feeling that God is mad at them and won’t forgive them.  They may think “Yes, He’ll forgive you, but not me” because of the guilt they carry.  Many of these women and men are Christians and know in their head about God’s forgiveness, but they haven’t received it in their heart for themselves because they feel they don’t deserve it.

One of the most hurtful lies of the enemy is that our sin is too big for God to forgive.  In ReKnew, Assurance’s post-abortive ministry, we talk about the lies of the enemy that keep us in bondage and the truths from Scripture that open our hearts to the love and forgiveness of God.  Through tears and laughter, the sharing with others who have struggled in similar ways becomes a healing force.  We often serve women and men who have never shared with anyone that they had an abortion.  Many have been carrying the secret for decades.  There is healing to be found and hope for a future forgiven by a God who does not waste the pain of our past.

If you have an abortion in your past, we would love to talk with you about our ReKnew ministry and how we can come alongside you in your journey of forgiveness and healing.  Let 2021 be a year of healing.

By Janet Harris, Director of Operations and ReKnew Coordinator. 


“I kept this secret for years. Shame, guilt, depression, anger, regret all filled my heart and I thought I would never get out of it. I knew I needed to share this secret and try to get some help.  I met the most amazing woman, Janet, who has helped me through this entire process. Of course, I was terrified to walk into the Center for the first time. But when Janet told me about the ReKnew program, for the first time I felt like I had found something that might actually give me healing. There is no way for me to put into words how life changing this program was for me! The 8-week program helped me to understand and deal with all of the things I had kept silent for so long. This program and the amazing women that help run it changed my life forever.” -Emily, ReKnew Participant


Email Janet for more information about ReKnew at janet@assurancecare.org