Holy Week in particular, we are reminded afresh that because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, what was once impossible because of our sin is now possible.  We can have life, and more than that, life abundant and eternal! We can have victory over sin.  We can have hope in otherwise hopeless circumstances.  But one of the key words in those sentences is “can”.  Jesus’ victory is secure.  “It is finished!” But God has allowed us a choice in this time between the already accomplished work of the cross and the not yet of Christ’s return as to how we pursue life, flee from temptation, and hope in the hardest of circumstances.

We see the results of that play out in story after story.  Just today, as I checked in with Aaron Bullock, our Men’s Program Coordinator, he shared of two clients he served recently. Each father facing unplanned pregnancies and initially planning to abort.  Life, hope, and help were offered to both.  An opportunity for a different path for their families was in their reach.  We can support them, care for them, and give them a safe place to process their circumstances.  We can cast a vision for them, and even reveal to them a unique, living human being growing inside the mother.  We pray they choose the path of life. But we cannot make them reach for it.

Aaron talked to both fathers today.  One has decided, along with his girlfriend, to pursue the path of death.  Their appointment is this weekend.  We grieve the scheduled death of their child and the impact this choice could have on them.  We continue to offer them care and pray every day that they will embrace life.  Perhaps the message of Holy Week will inspire a renewed faith and bring a wellspring of hope. Join with us in praying for them and their child. 

Today, the other father made a different choice.  He is choosing the path of life.  He does not have all the answers, and this was certainly not his plan. But he has decided to pursue being a father and to co-parent with the mother of his child.  He has reached for the hope that he can be a father and achieve his dreams at the same time.  He grasped on to faith that help is available through any challenge they may face.  And he is holding on to the conviction that life is better than death.

May the courageous faith of this young man inspire us to choose well the path of life in whatever way it is being challenged in our current circumstances.  Join us in praying for him and his girlfriend as they begin this journey. Thank you for all you do to support Assurance as an outpost of hope and help at the crossroads of life and death.

May your Easter be blessed as you celebrate the resurrected Savior!