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Men’s Program Coordinator – Aaron Bullock (FT)

(Email Aaron)

Nurse- Dawn Beaver, RN (PT)

(Email Dawn)

Nurse- Brenda Droege, RN (PT)

(Email Brenda)


Director of Operations/ReKnew Program Coordinator- Janet Harris (FT)

(Email Janet)


Director of Client Services- Keturah Johnson (FT)

(Email Keturah)

Male Client Services Associate – Luke Embree (PT)

(Email Luke)

Client Services Associate – Maggie Osbourne (PT)

(Email Maggie)


Nurse Manager- Michele Atherton, RN (FT)

(Email Michele)

Client Services Coordinator – Pamela Withers (FT)

(Email Pamela)

Executive Director- Ronda Webber (FT)

(Email Ronda)

Client Services Associate- Sami White (FT)

(Email Sami)