It was our Board of Directors’ great pleasure to honor our founders, Shirley Daniel, Patty Gilpin, Garnett Langley, and the late Susan Wiley with the Wayne B. Smith Power of One awards at this year’s banquet. We were thrilled that Brother Wayne’s daughters, Jana Thore and Judy Speakes, were able to present the awards to Patty, Shirley, Susan’s husband Chris Wiley, and our long-time staff member, Janet Harris, accepting on behalf of Garnett who could not be with us that evening.


This week we had the joy of hosting Garnett, Patty, and Shirley for lunch at the center where our new staff could meet them and we could present Garnett with her award.


“Only glory shall reveal the full impact of these four women who met in 1984 with compassion, vision and commitment.
– Wayne Smith