Prayer Changes Things!

by Maureen Jacus

On a cold winter day in February, Justice and Sam came to Assurance.  They’d met in high school a few years ago, but they’d only been in a relationship for a few months.  Justice met with me while Sam met with Aaron, our Men’s Program Director.  Justice said that she was 95% leaning toward getting an abortion but was a little concerned about what an abortion could do to her body.

Justice and I discussed how abortions are performed as well as the possible physical, emotional and spiritual impact.  Aaron discussed the same things with Sam, as well as how an abortion might affect his relationship with Justice, whom he dearly loved.  Justice and Sam both wanted to have a future together.

Michele, our Nurse Manager, did an ultrasound that day for Justice.  She and Sam both saw and heard their baby’s heart beating. They said that they had a lot to talk about when they left.

Justice and I talked over the phone a week after her visit and she said that they were still undecided about what they would do about their pregnancy.  I tried calling her several times after that and never reached her.

We pray together every morning here at Assurance and we kept on praying for Justice and Sam, as well as all the other clients who come here.  Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hands of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes.” (NASB)  We know that it is God who changes hearts and minds.

Justice called me last week and said that she had a baby girl in early October! She called to say, “Thank you” to everyone here for helping her and Sam when they were in crisis. They appreciate all of our help, love and support.  They’re still together and they’re doing “great”, she said! She emailed me some pictures of her, Sam and baby Noelle and agreed to share their story out of appreciation and in the hopes that others would be helped.
NoelleNoelle and parents