The Sacred Responsibility of Assurance

Christmas reflection from Luke Embree, Client Services Associate

Long ago a young, single mother was confronted with an unexpected pregnancy that was certain to change her life and the lives of those around her.  Her pregnancy was just as scandalous, just as disruptive, and filled with just as much uncertainty as many of the young women whom we meet in our line of work.  But she had something that so many unexpected mothers do not have these days:  She had the assurance that her future would be full of promise.  Mary had the reassurance that, though her pregnancy was unexpected, it was anything but a mistake.

God sent messengers to affirm and reaffirm that the course of her life, though now set in an unforeseen direction, would remain on track for her good and the good of those for whom she cared.  From celestial angels to humble shepherds Mary was carried along by a single consistent message: God is for you, God’s community is around you, and because of your bravery, your sacrifice and commitment, God is forever with us.  It is assurances like these that transform anxiety into anticipation, a holy anticipation, Advent Anticipation.

Our job at Assurance is never less than this sacred responsibility, this holy privilege encapsulated in our very name.  We offer assurance.  We surround women and men with the message that, though their pregnancy may be unexpected, it is anything but a mistake.  We acknowledge their fear, make room for their doubt, and affirm our commitment to be with them on the journey ahead.  And most of all, we reassure them that their futures are filled with promise.  It is ministry like this that has the power to transform anxiety into anticipation.

During this season of Advent we are reminded that there are few things as sacred, few things so filled with hope, as the anticipation of new life in our world.  We are reminded that our message is more than a message; it’s a legacy passed down across 2,000 years of hopeful anticipation.  Our message finds its birth and fulfillment in the Gospel as written in Matthew 1:23:

Behold, a maiden shall conceive and bear a son.  And they shall call his name Immanuel, which is to say, ‘God with us.’”