Support from the local Body of Christ is critically important to our ministry.  We can be the vehicle through which your church does a mighty work for the precious lives God brings through our doors.  Here are some common ways churches support our ministry and in doing so extend the love of Christ to our clients.

  • Participate in Baby Bottle Blessings. This is an easy and fun way to engage anyone in your congregation in support of Assurance. Check out the Baby Bottle Blessings page for more information.  Did you know we raised more than $137,000 last year alone through churches participating in Baby Bottle Blessings?  Those bottles filled with change, cash and checks add up and every little bit helps!  This is also a great way to make folks in your church who might need us aware of our services.


  • Include Assurance in your missions giving.  We are blessed by regular giving from churches that choose to make monthly, quarterly or annual investments in us as a local mission partner.  We welcome any opportunity to present to a mission committee, staff, or others who would like to consider supporting our efforts of evangelism and mercy.  These funds are particularly helpful as they provide regular support we can count on throughout the year.


  • Sponsor a table at our annual banquet . Invite people from your congregation with a heart for life to attend to learn more, celebrate what God has done through Assurance, and give to support our ministry.


  • Put your love into action at our annual Love Walk . Publicize the event within your congregation and encourage your members to participate.  A few churches even go as far as to be the first to sponsor anyone who participates from their congregation.


  • Invite us to share about Assurance. We welcome opportunities to speak at churches whether it is during your worship service or at a women’s group, men’s group or missions event.  We want to partner with you to raise awareness about the sanctity of human life, abortion and the support we can offer our family, friends and neighbors who are facing crisis situation.  The prevalence of unplanned pregnancies and abortions tells us that there are very likely people in your congregation who could benefit from our support but may not have told anyone.  Sharing about our ministry is a great way to reach them.  Also, if you are a supporting congregation, we treasure the chance to thank your members in person and report back to them all that God has done with their investment in Assurance.


  • Host a “baby shower” for Assurance and collect items that we need to keep our REACH boutique well stocked for our clients who choose to parent and need additional support. Check out the Gifts In Kind page for a list of current items needed.


  • Roll up your sleeves and volunteer. There are certain times during the year when we have projects that we need lots of volunteers to help us accomplish. For example preparing 10,000 baby bottles!  There are some ongoing needs like regular cleaning of our center that are a good fit for a small group of dedicated volunteers.  We also have individual volunteer opportunities depending on your skills, interest and availability.  Check out more on our Volunteer Opportunities page.


  • Pray, pray, pray! Prayer works.  We covet your prayers and are so grateful to know that we have many churches in our community that lift up our ministry regularly.