We keep two very practical helps on hand in every room where we meet with clients. Tissues and crackers, both donated by generous supporting companies. Many tears are shed in our rooms. We pray also that much comfort is received and hope is grown. For our clients, the vast majority of whom are very early in their pregnancy, nausea is often a very real struggle. The smallest gesture of an offer of crackers and ginger ale can convey our care for them. Easing their nausea in the moment they are with us, and also through tips for longer-term relief so that they physically feel better, can help them get one step closer to the realization that “I can do this”. I remember a time when in a follow-up call a client shared that she had decided to carry to term rather than abort.
When our staff asked what changed, she said, “I guess I just started feeling better”. Thank you to area Chick-fil-A restaurants that donate the crackers and restocked our supply yesterday.

PS I think I just gave you your excuse to go get Chick-fil-A today. I mean it is only fitting that we show them our appreciation, right? You’re welcome 😉