“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

-John 10:10

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There is so much to say about both sides of the reality of this verse through the lens of our work.  I could talk about the new lows, dangerous tactics, and grieving results we see in the evil one’s work through abortion in America to steal the wellbeing of mothers and fathers, kill precious unborn children, and destroy families. I could share exciting updates of the new strategies the Lord has given us to shine timeless truths in timely ways into those dark places. But as I worked on this Christmas letter to you, I just kept coming back to the second part of this verse because that’s the real story of Christmas, right?

Emmanuel.  God with us.  In order that we might have life and have it abundantly.  The experience of receiving that ultimate and unending gift is what has shaped us into people propelled to fight for abundant life for others.  It is the foundation of our mission at Assurance.  The reason we exist.  We do this work so that the mothers, fathers, and unborn children we serve will have life and have it abundantly.

So, of all the things I could share with you in this letter, I have decided to focus on the most core element of all that we do- life.

A book could be written of all the amazing things that God has done for, in, and through Assurance this year alone.  Our story remains one of a faithful God who makes a way for our clients and our ministry where there seems to be no way.  The culmination of all of that is an incredible display of His life-saving power undaunted in the face of many obstacles.

The mothers and fathers we served this year came to us more determined and at risk to abort than in any year in our history.  Where just seven years ago only 26% of our clients came to us having already decided in their mind to abort, this year, 51% of our clients were initially planning to abort.  Many already had an abortion scheduled. On top of that, another 46% of our clients were considering abortion or vulnerable to it because they were without a key resource or support.  Our work was needed more than ever; but, conversely, with many of our clients a change of heart felt farther away than ever. But God.

Rejoice with us that we are on track to have more lives saved this year than any recent year.  He has saved an estimated 140 lives through October alone, already surpassing 2020’s and 2019’s annual totals with two months left to save more!

That is the God we worship this Christmas. Jesus came in order that we would have life.  That same Jesus is still at work today and oh how we praise Him for what He did through Assurance this year.

Our clients are always the best at conveying the difference you make when you support Assurance.  Afterall, they have experienced it personally.  Here is Ariane’s story.

“It was the darkest time of my life. I was not talking to family or friends, afraid that other people would judge me. I had depression issues and a couple of suicide attempts. Suddenly, I was pregnant, and the baby’s father was not talking to me.

At the darkest time of my pregnancy, I felt like Keturah at Assurance was the only person there for me. It was like a safe place for me to just release. When I heard the heartbeat, I realized I was going to do what was best for me. This [being a mom] was what I always wanted to do, and if I had to do it by myself then that’s just what I was going to do.

I would come home and see the ultrasounds on the refrigerator; I was torn into a thousand pieces. There were domestic altercations that happened. People were telling me that I wouldn’t be able to work things out with the father, and I should have an abortion. It was a lot.

 If I had to go through my pregnancy without Assurance, I probably wouldn’t have made it. Just being pregnant is difficult, but it’s okay when you have someone in your corner.

Jordan is my sunshine. He is my energy when I don’t have it. When you’re a mother, you think your child needs you, but you need that child more than anything. I don’t know what I’d be without him.

To my baby boy, Jordan: you have saved my life tremendously. Just being you makes me go on. I love you.”

Thank you for your continuing support of our ministry that has enabled us, like Ariane, to keep pressing on in the hardest of times.  We could never have done this without you.  As challenging as things are right now, we are not satisfied with just getting through. We have a trifold plan for bold and important expansions towards prevention, longer-term help for our clients, and combatting the darkest recesses of the abortion industry with light and life.  We have faith that the Lord will call His people to increase their giving to support our traditional and new services.  Prayerfully consider if that starts with you today.

If the Lord continues to save at the same rate he has through October, that will result in an astounding 168 lives saved this year.  In faith, will you give at least a dollar in honor of each one of those children as your Christmas gift to Assurance?

The stealing, killing, and destroying industry surges on, and we must challenge ourselves in tried and true but also new ways to be there with help and hope at every turn. The end goal of every strategy we have used since the first day our doors opened to the new methods we will implement in the coming year is for those we serve to have life and have it abundantly.

May your Christmas be full of worship of our life-saving Messiah,


PS If you haven’t already, stop what you are doing and watch this year’s client video featuring Ariane, Jordan, and several other clients sharing their stories. View it here- assuranceforlife.org/client-video.    I promise you will be blessed.


Would you give at least $1 for each life God is on track to save this year through Assurance?