We are excited about Thrivent Financial’s upcoming Call To Live Generously event on December 7th.  Special thanks to Jarrod Polson, Thrivent Financial Associate, for inviting Assurance to participate.  If you are a Thrivent Member and/or someone who wants to learn more about living generously in our community, we hope to see you there!

In preparation, we have been brainstorming ways Thrivent Members could use Action Teams to support Assurance.  Whether you can make it to the event or not, we would love for you to consider using your Action Team opportunities to support our ministry.  Here are a few examples of opportunities to partner with you in living generously in our community.

Thrivent Action Team Ideas for Supporting Assurance

Walk in Love– Participate in the Love Walk, and apply for Action Team seed money to help cover the costs of the event.  You can even use the seed money as a challenge grant to get support from your family and friends- “Sponsor me in the Love Walk, and Thrivent will match the first $250 in donations to help cover the costs of the event.  Double your impact!”

Adopt a Room– Gather your friends to renovate a room in our clinic.  Apply for Action Team seed money to cover the supplies and items needed.  The design of the room can have a huge impact on our clients’ experience.  You can create a peaceful and professional refuge for those in crisis.

Host a Baby Shower– Throw a baby shower to support mothers and fathers who are served through Assurance.  Apply for Action Team seed money to cover the cost of invitations, refreshments, etc.  Ask family and friends to come learn more about Assurance’s support to those who choose to parent. Collect diapers, clothes, and other items that mothers and fathers can earn by participating in our REACH program.

Baby Bottle Blessings- Participate in your church’s Baby Bottle Blessings campaign in support of Assurance.  If your church doesn’t yet do a campaign, ask if they will let you start one at your church.  Apply for Action Team seed money to purchase the bottles to be distributed.  Baby Bottle Blessings campaigns are easy, fun, and people of all ages and means can participate.

Banquet Catalysts- Attend Assurance’s annual banquet!  Apply for seed money to purchase seats at a table, and invite your family and friends to join you in supporting Assurance.  This is a great way to friend-raise and fundraise in support of the life-saving and changing work of Assurance.

Grassroots Marketing– Help with grassroots marketing by making gift baskets for sorority houses at area universities.  Apply for seed money for the supplies to make the baskets;  add information about Assurance’s services to the goodies; and get together with your friends to put them together.

Power of Prayer– Participate in Assurance’s Prayer Walk.  Apply for Action Team seed money to help cover the costs of sending invitations, printing prayer guides and signs, and refreshments during the event. Leverage the power of prayer for our ministry.

Make the Finishing Touches– Complete the new look in the already renovated rooms.  Apply for Action Team seed money to help cover the finishing touches needed in the clinic rooms that have already been renovated. Come in and complete the new and improved designs.

Foster Church Partnerships– Host an open house for our church liaison volunteers to hear updates about the ministry, see our clinic space, and receive appreciation for their important work.  Apply for Action Team seed money to help cover the costs of invitations, refreshments, and supplies for gifts of appreciation.

Raise it Your Way– Hold your own fundraiser for Assurance.  Whether it’s a bake sale, fun run, or another creative way to raise support, you can apply for Action Team seed money for the supplies and other things you will need to pull off the event.

Build Awareness– Host an event for people in your church to hear more about Assurance.  Apply for Action Team seed money to cover the costs to promote and hold the event.

Keep it Clean– Get your small group or friend group together to clean Assurance.  We rely on volunteer cleaning crews so that we don’t have to pay for cleaning services.  Apply for Action Team seed money to purchase the cleaning supplies you will need.

Contact us (info@assurancecare.org or 859-278-8469) about these or other ideas for your Action Teams. Don’t know what Thrivent Action Teams are?  Contact Jarrod for more information- 859-285-9830 or Jarrod.Polson@Thrivent.com.