Two things that often bring a heightened awareness to the struggle from past abortions and the opportunity for renewal are converging right now.
Whenever abortion is more prominently in the news, we hear from post-abortive women. With all the news about Texas and cases before the Supreme Court, we suspect there are those among you who are experiencing painful reminders of abortions in your past.  With each new year, there are cues all around us for the opportunity we have to be different in the future.  These cues can also prompt people to finally decide to deal with struggles they have suppressed in the past. With the convergence of abortion in the news and the New Year approaching, I write to invite you–our faithful supporters–to bring your pain from past abortions to Jesus. 

You see, I know the high prevalence of abortion among Christians in America.  I know that God calls you to support Assurance and our ministry for many wonderful reasons but also that for some of you, your support is in part inspired by your past abortion.

The weight of that secret, the impact of loss not fully grieved, the feeling of isolation, the guilt, anger, and unforgiveness is so heavy.  My heart today is to invite you to lay that weight down at the foot of the cross.  I know that it is a process, and I promise we are here to walk with you each step of the way.

Will you take that first step in faith?

My prayer is for you to understand the compassion and love with which you will be met. I wish you could see the physical transformation. I don’t know how to describe it except to say you can literally see the weight lifted. Freedom, forgiveness, and healing can really happen at a deep and life-changing level.  Sister, will you contact us today and just give it a chance?

And to our brothers in Christ, I know that the world does not even have a category for you. But we do. They don’t see that you too have been impacted.  But we know that her abortion was also your child.  You may have wanted the abortion. You may have felt helpless to stop it even though you didn’t want it. You may have not even known about the pregnancy until it was too late.  Regardless of how it happened, abortion affects the mother and the father.  Our male staff are ready and waiting to walk with you through a journey of healing and forgiveness as well.

I can already hear the voice of the enemy.  He would like nothing more than for you to remain in bondage to this past sin.  Do not be embarrassed. Refuse to give in to the fear and doubt.  We know you are out there among our supporters.  Though we do not know which ones of you we are praying for, we pray often for you.  You will be met with love, not judgment.

Call (859-278-8469) or email ( to set up an appointment.  We will meet with you one-on-one first.  We are a safe place to share your secret.  You are the very people who have enabled us to be this safe place for others.  Brothers and sisters, I humbly ask only that you embrace the same for yourselves that you have so graciously offered others through your support of our ministry.

There is hope for you.  His grace really is sufficient.