It’s the week leading up to Mother’s Day, Baby Bottle Blessing kickoffs in many of our supporting churches, and our KY Gives Day effort on May 11th to raise funds to support our ultrasound services.  There is a lot going on!

But in our Clinic, it is the same steady, faithful work of caring for those who are faced with a huge first decision in motherhood- whether or not to give their child life.  Our clients don’t ease into parenting their unborn children.  For a variety of different reasons, our clients are very often planning to abort or considering it as an option, so their first choice for their child is as big as parenting decisions come—a life and death one.  Typically, in panicked desperation, they jump right into that decision within minutes of a positive at-home pregnancy test. But if they come to Assurance before the abortion clinic, often God uses Assurance’s services to help the mother slow down, connect with her child, and consider the implications of what she is planning for herself and her child.  As you celebrate the importance of mothers this Sunday, join us in gratitude for the incredible impact we often see from the moment a pregnant mom sees her child through an ultrasound and her mothering instincts overcome her fears, doubts, and circumstances to compel her towards life for her child.  Here is a story of that unfolding in our Clinic.

This married mother came to us with a plan already in place. She had already called the abortion clinic, and she just needed to confirm her pregnancy and know how far along she is so that she could move forward to get the abortion. She said that abortion is the best option since she and her husband don’t want to start over nor does she feel like she can care as much for her older kids if she is caring for a baby. She said she “feels ready to just get it done with”. She didn’t want to discuss options, but she did want and need an ultrasound to know how far along she was.  When our nurse performed the ultrasound, its impact completely transformed the mother’s perspective.  After seeing her baby, who was much larger and more developed than she expected, she said she was “in shock about how far along I am. I feel like the only option is to parent.” She said she knows she will have support from her husband and others and that she will make an OB appt soon. She closed by adding that she recognizes that things don’t always go the way we plan.


We heard from this mom this week.  We are thrilled to report that she has delivered her baby, and everyone in the family is doing well.  What a gift that news is to our team!

Thank you for all the ways you support our ministry and make moments like this one in our ultrasound room possible.