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"Christ’s love, offered freely, one-on-one, to envision the unique and sacred value of each human being."

That was the vision in 1984 and continues to guide every aspect of what we do.


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Kroger Update

Posted on Jul 28 by

Normally in August we remind our supporters to re-enroll to support Assurance through Kroger Community Rewards.  In fact, our newsletter that should be arriving in mailboxes any day now asks you to do exactly that.  But we just received great news from Kroger.  They have just changed their policy and...


Welcome Cindy

Posted on Jul 21 by

She has been with us for several months now, but we wanted to formally welcome Cindy Wilson, RN to our medical team.  We are thrilled to have her join our staff and grateful to the Lord for calling her to this work!...


Help with finishing touches.

Posted on Jul 14 by

Help us with the finishing touches for our client meeting rooms! We have recruited some wonderfully gifted designers who are volunteering to lead an effort to renovate our client meeting spaces. They are about to receive a fresh and updated look following best practices regarding the impact of room design...


We’re hiring again!

Posted on Jul 14 by

Our staff team continues to grow and change as new opportunities come our way! We are looking for a Certified Social Worker, Licensed Counselor, or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to meet with women of all ages facing an unplanned pregnancy or struggling from past abortions.  Click here for more...


Banquet Speaker

Posted on Jul 11 by

Want to learn more about our keynote speaker for this year’s banquet? John Ensor is an ordained pastor who for the last 25 years has served as a leader in the pro-life movement as a speaker, author, and co-laborer. John has also engaged other leaders in critical conversations about abortion....


Shopping Amazon?

Posted on Jul 11 by

Are you shopping Amazon today?  Save lives while you shop! 2 Ways To Support Assurance That Don’t Cost You A Thing...