Client Testimonials

I Know I Can Do This

The pressure from “Zoe’s” mom and boyfriend to abort was strong, and yet Zoe didn’t want to choose that again. She knew that what she did with this pregnancy wasn’t just about deciding for her present circumstances, but it would impact her future as well.

As we continued talking, Zoe’s voice strengthened as she leaned forward, smiled, and confidently said, “At this point, I’m going with the parenting route. I know I can do this.”

A Gift From God

The staff joined our bilingual volunteer, Claire, in praying for Ingrid. She had seemingly firm plans to abort, but we prayed she would choose life instead. As Ingrid recalled, “Since the day of the ultrasound, every day, I had the image in my mind of the baby moving. The day of the abortion, I decided I was not going to do it. I was going to keep the baby.”

Ingrid walked out of the abortion clinic. She called and spoke with Claire because she wanted to discuss her next steps and to see her baby again.

God Sent Me To You

As the nurse skillfully moved the ultrasound probe over our client’s stomach, the ultrasound did not show the development that was expected. After the ultrasound, the nurse referred the client to see an OB for further evaluation. As I closed my conversation with her, she began crying and stated she felt far more sadness than relief.

As she wept, she told me that though she had told us she was leaning towards abortion, truthfully, she now realized she really wanted this baby. As I watched her grieve and as she absorbed the knowledge that she could possibly not have a viable pregnancy, the impact of what she almost did [abort] sank in.

A few days later, we called to check in with her. She had gone to her OB, who confirmed that she had miscarried. God sent me to you,” she said. Thank you. Thank you for caring for me that night, and thank you for caring enough to call and see how I am doing.”

Real Forgiveness and Redemption

For many selfish reasons, I decided to end my baby’s life. The “procedure,” as they called it, was fairly quick. It was the aftermath that haunted me.

When I began the ReKnew program at Assurance, all I could think about was how I couldn’t wait to get through it so I could begin to help babies and other women. I wasn’t prepared for the journey on which God took me.

The process caused emotions to bubble over that I hardly knew were there. Buried so deep inside, it took some time to sort through them all. During this time, I learned what real forgiveness and redemption feel like. My walk with Christ deepened, and my faith soared. The women who walked this path with me were also an integral part of my healing process. I was so thankful.