Creation: More Than More Than Substance

Sometimes you hear the statement “it’s just a clump of cells” tossed around as a description of the unborn. While at both a scientific and philosophical level this view is problematic, theologically it is completely untenable. And since theology, like science and philosophy, is concerned with the way things actually are (what Dallas Willard calls

Why Life?

At our inaugural Assurance Board Meeting in January, I asked our board to spend some time reflecting around the question “Why are you for (pro) life?” Everyone involved at Assurance comes to this organization with a why but I think it is important to always be going back to that question as often as we

The Most Important Unplanned Pregnancy (A Christmas Devotional)

It may feel like a stereotype for a pregnancy center to put out a Christmas reflection on how Christmas is the result of an unplanned pregnancy. But you wouldn’t believe how often that fact goes over the heads of even the most astute of us. We speak of Jesus’ birth as ‘the immaculate conception’, ‘the