You Are Always Welcome at Assurance

Volunteers provide critical support to our ministry and help us do far more than we could ever imagine. Do you have life experiences or talents you want to use to make an eternal difference at Assurance?

Volunteer positions are flexible. Some roles are needed regularly, while others are only during certain times of the year. We are thankful for whatever time you give.

Volunteer Opportunities

The following opportunities require no additional training beyond some orientation to Assurance and the task to be accomplished:

  • Church Liaison
  • Work Crews
  • Committee Member
  • REACH Boutique Assistant
  • Prayer Partner
  • Administrative Support
  • Ambassadors of Gratitude

The following opportunities require training and often a minimum time commitment:*

  • Hotline Advocate. Time commitment is at least one overnight shift per month.
  • Client Care Receptionist. 
  • Female Client Advocate (FCA). The time commitment for FCAs is four hours a week, preferably during the day (based on your availability).
  • Male Client Advocate (MCA). The time commitment for MCA is four hours a week, preferably during the day (based on your availability).
  • REACH Mentor. The time commitment with each client is typically 1 hour per week through a 16-week program. Ideally, a REACH Mentor would commit 2-4 hours weekly.
  • ReKnew Facilitator. The time commitment is 4-5 hours a week for eight weeks.
  • Interpreter. On-call to interpret for our staff as we meet with a client.
  • Prayer Intercessor.
  • Nurse Volunteer.

*Many of the above positions require watching Care Net DVDs in the office, job shadowing, and possibly additional training. As a ReKnew Facilitator, you are required to have previously participated in ReKnew or another similar program, trained with ReKnew staff, and be far enough along in your personal healing to help others in that journey effectively.

If you do not see a volunteer position that fits your particular talents but would like to offer assistance, please contact us to discuss your ideas. Give us a call at 859-278-8469.