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"Christ’s love, offered freely, one-on-one, to envision the unique and sacred value of each human being."

That was the vision in 1984 and continues to guide every aspect of what we do.


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Golf for Life

Posted on Apr 4 by

Broadway Christian Church is hosting its annual Bobby Willhoite Golf for Life event Monday, May 23rd at The Woodford Club! All proceeds benefit Assurance! Bobby Willhoite was an...


A Gift from God

Posted on Mar 30 by

There are few joys in this life greater than looking into the eyes of a baby that you know was once marked for death and instead is full of life, surrounded by the love of the...


The Possibility of Hope

Posted on Feb 9 by

Some clients tug at your heartstrings more than others.  We care for all our clients and want the best possible outcome for each of them, but there are moments when you connect...


Year End Giving

Posted on Dec 29 by

Year-End Giving Information To make a 2021 donation to Assurance, make sure you follow these guidelines: Give online before midnight on 12/31/21 Mail a check postmarked no later...


Time to heal from abortion

Posted on Dec 29 by

Two things that often bring a heightened awareness to the struggle from past abortions and the opportunity for renewal are converging right now. Whenever abortion is more...


Giving Tuesday

Posted on Nov 24 by

Support Assurance on Giving Tuesday!  It’s a great day to give the gift of life.   That’s the real story of Christmas, right? Emmanuel.  God with us.  In order that we...