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"Christ’s love, offered freely, one-on-one, to envision the unique and sacred value of each human being."

That was the vision in 1984 and continues to guide every aspect of what we do.


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Posted on May 18 by

What a year this has been! I can honestly say I didn’t see doing pregnancy counseling without being able to offer a pregnancy test (for our telehealth only clients before reopening began) and getting critical supplies for our health clinic from the bourbon industry coming when I imagined 2020. I...


Can God Help Me Be a Good Mom?

Posted on May 7 by

“Do you think God can make me a good mom?” The question came out of the blue, yet it made perfect sense in the midst of our conversation. “Bailey” had been talking for almost an hour, finally finding freedom in verbalizing the pent-up emotions that had been swirling in her...


Assurance needs you now

Posted on Apr 14 by

Ever heard the song “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”? Well Assurance was flattening the curve long before curve flattening was cool. Click here to see exactly what I mean. We need your support to continue! Did you know there are special incentives for you to do...


The God of resurrection hope

Posted on Apr 9 by

When the disciples saw Jesus hanging on the cross, I wonder if they too were caught up in blind hopelessness—never envisioning that one day they would look up at a cross to see their Messiah as he breathed his last breath, never dreaming that the life they had come...


COVID-19 Update

Posted on Mar 17 by

Friends, I pray this communication finds you well.  You are in our prayers as we all face challenges that have come with COVID-19.  I wanted to share with you an update about the work of Assurance during this rapidly changing situation.  You should know that our commitment to life-saving service...


Love Walk 2020

Posted on Feb 3 by

Our Love Walk is on March 7th from 10 am- 12 pm at Anchor Baptist Church. We would love to see you there. It doesn’t get much easier than our walk! Come join us. • Walk laps around the indoor track. • Catch up with other Assurance supporters over a...