We want to partner with your church!

Baby Bottle Blessings is an easy and fun way to engage your congregation in support of those facing unplanned pregnancies in our community.  Most congregations participate from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day but we are happy to work with you on an effort any time of year.  Assurance will provide you with empty bottles that you can hand out to your congregation.  You collect them back filled with cash, coins, or checks and return them to Assurance.  We’ll let you know how much your campaign raised.

The support we receive through our Baby Bottle Blessings campaign is critical to our ability to continue to offer free medical services, accurate information, emotional support, and practical help to the families we serve.

Returning churches’ liaisons will hear from Assurance directly as the campaign approaches.  If you are with a church newly considering a Baby Bottle Blessings campaign, thank you!  We would love to help you join the fun.  Contact us at info@assurancecare.org.

Here are some answers to FAQ and tips for running an easy, fun, and successful campaign.

FILL A BOTTLE with change, cash, or checks.  
MAIL A CHECK TO ASSURANCE 1517 Nicholasville Rd., Suite 405 Lexington, KY 40503. Include the name of your church.

We have provided a number of tools you can use to promote Baby Bottle Blessings at your church:

Video – A short video can really help your members understand the difference they make when they support Assurance!

There are several others from past years you could choose from here.

The following are promotional materials you can use to spread the word about your church’s campaign.

  1. Bulletin insert– download the file, copy it in color or black/white, cut in half and insert into the bulletin.
  2. Bulletin ad– This ad can be inserted as a picture directly into a Word document or Publisher file.
  3. Pre-service slide– This PowerPoint slide can be inserted into your regular presentation, or used on it’s own.
  4. Media graphic– use this graphic  in an e-newsletter, email or on the church website to promote the event.

If your church has a specific request, please contact our offices at info@assurancecare.org.