A Future and a Hope

Brianna came to Assurance overwhelmed and upset with herself. Her situation was not unlike most of our clients. She was 20 years old and had only known the father of the baby for a few months. She came from a difficult background with an uninvolved father and a single mom who struggled to provide for the family.

Brianna said when she arrived at Assurance, she was greeted by the “friendliest people you would ever meet.” We had an open and honest discussion about her situation and options. Brianna said she wanted to have the baby, and she thought that the father, Travis, would stay by her through thisFutureandHope process. Since her circumstances were not very secure, we offered her a free ultrasound that the father could attend as well. When Brianna returned with Travis for her ultrasound, we were encouraged to see Travis hold her hand and the big smiles they both had as they saw their seven-week-old baby’s image on the screen and heard the little heart beating.

Brianna and Travis were very open to spiritual things, so I encouraged them to get to know God – who loves them and has this all figured out. They were receptive to the suggestion to seek and get involved with a bible- teaching, Christ-centered church so that they wouldn’t feel alone on this journey.

Travis stopped by our office recently to tell us that coming here had changed their lives, and he wanted to thank us for our help. He showed pictures of their precious daughter, who God used to draw them to Himself.
Brianna wrote, “God seemed to have made a way for me, and little did I know – this baby would turn my life around forever, and in a good way! Travis and I both want to thank Assurance and Maureen for everything they did for us. I know my pregnancy wouldn’t have turned out like it did if weren’t for the guidance we received!”

Mackenzie was born Nov. 22, 2009, and both parents say she is the best thing that ever happened to them! A month after her birth, they began attending True Life Church, where Brianna said, “We got saved, married, and dedicated Mackenzie to the Lord… We have no idea what we would do without the love and mercy of Jesus.” Today they are very active in their church.
Travis and Brianna represent a “home run” success to us – the gift of life honored, a marriage commitment, and lives dedicated to Christ! It’s such an honor to be part of God’s plan to make a difference in people’s lives!