A Heartbeat Away

One of the greatest joys for the staff of Assurance is to see how God uses our volunteers in the lives of our clients. In April, volunteers Linda Leugers and Cathy Allen had the opportunity to meet with a young woman whose story illustrates the life-changing work of Assurance. Following is the client’s story in her own words:

“Scared, disappointed, ashamed, alone, irresponsible….All these emotions went through my head instantly when I looked down at those 5 home pregnancy tests. The first two were “wrong” in my mind; the third was a cruel joke, and #4 and #5 were both a kick in the gut of harsh reality…

I immediately knew what decision was “best” for me, the father, our unborn child, and everyone involved – a quick abortion – or so I thought. I told him that I was pregnant 4 days after I found out; I needed that time for me and God to talk and for me to come to grips with what was happening. The baby’s father was just as shocked and disappointed as I was but he was “supportive.” He knew what we had to do.”

“Initially, he and I were in one accord about the abortion issue. It seemed to be the only option. We had just broken up 3 weeks before, we both workHeartbeat jobs that barely pay our household bills, and according to our spiritual beliefs, we couldn’t feel justified in having this child. It was a blessing in disguise that neither of us could come up with enough money to pay for an abortion.

The next day I went to Assurance and I was counseled on the truth about my options. The ladies I talked with better educated me on all the pros and cons of abortion, adoption, and choosing motherhood. I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time that next day. It was finally REAL to me. This was the first time I took time to cry…..

Within 48 hours, the father of my child and I were at odds about our decision.  Through much prayer (and days without sleep), I had decided I couldn’t go through with an abortion. This dime-sized thing inside me was my child. How could I end his or her life?! The father and I did not agree! I had never seen an ugly side to him until then, but it didn’t matter. I had promised God that I would not leave His side as long as He did not leave mine…and I’ve had not one sleepless night or headache since!!

I was sooo afraid of how badly my family, friends, and church members would react, but, I’ve received nothing but loving responses since I told everyone. This has only helped to reaffirm to me that everything will be ok. NO, IT WILL NOT BE EASY, but at least I’m at peace with my decision.

All of this took place between the 7th and 8th week of my pregnancy. As of my 19th week, my daughter’s father and I are communicating again. We’re not as close as we once were, but at least we can talk and be amicable now.

I am now more excited than I ever thought I would be. I am enjoying the blessing and the gift that is growing inside me!! I cry at every ultrasound appointment and she is the first and the last thing on my mind every day.

Yes, I am still scared – I fear finances, health, and if I will ever be able to bounce back spiritually, socially, and physically. These things haven’t changed. What has changed is my outlook. I no longer feel like I am being punished. I feel honored that God trusts me enough to be the mother of His children. He trusts me enough to bless me with a daughter and to raise her as He expects!

December 11th (expected due date) can’t come fast enough for me!!”