But Not This Time…

It was a rainy March afternoon when a mom and her 16-year-old daughter came to Assurance for a pregnancy test and abortion information before Notthistimescheduling “what they had to do.” Mom was a single mom of three teenagers and was doing her best to shield her only daughter from the pain of “what had to be done.” (Couldn’t even say the word “abortion”). Mom did not want to be separated from her daughter, so when the counselor took the client back to the intake room, another counselor took the mom back to assess her needs.

When it was time to do the ultrasound, mom was adamant that she was going to be in the room with her daughter and that they wanted the ultrasound but did not want to see the baby or hear the heartbeat. Respectfully, I turned off the monitor and turned down the sound on the machine. In the process of the ultrasound, I was able to inform the client and her mother that she was approximately 13 weeks pregnant and there was a strong heartbeat. After the ultrasound, when the client and her mom were back in the intake room, I asked the client if she would like a picture to take with her, and she quietly said, “Yes.” As I pointed out the baby’s features, client’s mom quietly cried.

When they left the Center, they were undecided about what they would do. Two weeks later, I got a call from the client’s mom thanking me for the ultrasound. She said that when I told them there was a strong heartbeat, she felt like it was God’s voice speaking. They have since seen a doctor for another ultrasound and are now planning to raise this baby. She was so grateful for what we do at Assurance. It seems that ultrasound is a powerful tool even if they don’t see it or hear it!!!