Little Gift

“Elizabeth” arrived for her second appointment at Assurance. I was grateful that she returned. During the first appointment, Elizabeth was somber and shared only a few details, but she was firm in her decision to have an abortion. Elizabeth was young, just out of college, and feeling her whole life was in front of her. A baby was too complicated.

At her first appointment, the ultrasound was inconclusive, so we scheduled her to come back. We prayed that she would return and that God would change her mind. The Lord answered our prayers. Elizabeth was back for another ultrasound.

When I called Elizabeth back to a meeting room, the change was surprising! The young woman who was so heavy-laden a week ago was glowing and eager to share that she had a dream about her baby. When she woke up the next morning, Elizabeth knew she would keep this child. The second ultrasound was a joyful experience as the nurse made measurements, and the heartbeat was heard loud and strong. Elizabeth left with a beaming smile, full of thanks, as she set out to find a doctor and begin prenatal care.

But a lot can happen in just two weeks. The father of the baby left her. The nausea was crippling. The reality of telling her parents she was pregnant out of wedlock set in. The doctor couldn’t see her for another month. Elizabeth, feeling overwhelmed, once again turned to abortion.

Elizabeth went to the abortion clinic. As she walked towards the door, some caring person offered to help her. They showed her kindness in a time of need and directed Elizabeth back to Assurance. When we saw her the third time, the burden of pregnancy was weighing Elizabeth down, and it was difficult to tell if she had any hope. But she accepted our offer to walk beside her.

Assurance called upon doctors and community partners to help bring Elizabeth through seven more months of pregnancy. Elizabeth was scheduled for prenatal care two days later, thanks to a supporting doctor. Elizabeth reached out for financial assistance when her paycheck ran short, and the local church answered her needs. Another generous group provided a crib, a car seat, and a few months of rent.

All the while, Elizabeth persevered. In late August, Elizabeth called to share that her “little gift” had arrived. She came to Assurance to show off her beautiful baby girl. The beaming smile was back! Elizabeth kissed the face of her baby over and over, expressing her thankfulness for Assurance.