We Prayed

A young teenager came to us not sure what she wanted to do with her pregnancy. This pregnancy was not in her plans for her life, and she really couldn’t envision being a mom at her young age. “I have wanted a baby since I was young but want to get my life together first.” She told us she was leaning towards abortion but was worried about the mental and emotional impact that decision could have on her life. This woman also has a hereditary health condition that she was nervous about passing on to her baby, which was another reason she was considering abortion.

We talked through her questions and concerns, giving her space to share her hopes and fears. We walked through information on all options, fetal development, and resources available to her if she did decide to parent. We offered her an ultrasound.

During the ultrasound, she was surprised by how far along she was and left the clinic with, in her words, “A lot to process through.” We prayed for her.

We called to check on her, but she didn’t answer. We prayed for her. Later we tried checking in with her via text and she responded, but not with the news we hoped for. This young woman had decided to abort. We prayed for her. When we were able to talk with her over the phone, she said that she tried calling abortion clinics that she found online but no one answered. She called some OB-GYN offices, but they said they don’t do abortions. She needed us to give her the number to a clinic. We explained that we don’t provide that information. She said she would keep trying to find the information herself and hung up. We prayed for her.

Another week went by. But then came a phone call letting us know she had changed her mind and decided to keep her baby. We praised the God who saves! We offered our continued support and help if she needed it.

Months later, we called to check on her around her anticipated due date. She let us know that she had her baby girl, and she LOVES being a mom. She had found a new place to live, a new job, and wanted to stop by to show us her daughter and say thank you. After walking with them on the precipice of death, it is an indescribable joy to hold a baby full of life while her mother tells you how much she enjoys motherhood. We continue to pray for her.